Raahat Manrai

Thesis title: Understanding the interpersonal relationships of care-experienced adolescents with a history of developmental trauma

PhD Clinical Psychology

Year of study: 3

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School of Health in Social Science,
Doorway 6
Old Medical Building, Elsie Inglis Quadrangle

Teviot Place
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As a student of PhD in clinical psychology (specializing in children and adolescence), I have an experience of working with marginalised children in various developmental contexts in different countries-Scotland and India. My work specialises around working in trauma within a developmental context for adolescents belonging to vulnerable communities. I am also interested in representation of minoritised ethnicities within the context of equality, diversity and inclusion. I aim to work in the discipline of research and academia, owing to my current skills which include a wide understanding and knowledge of research designs, existing levels of evidence, critical analysis along with inherent passion for the field. 


PhD Clinical Psychology - 2020-2023

MSc (Hons) Children and Young People's Mental Health and Psychological Practice- 2018-2019

Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Psychology)- 2013-2016

Postgraduate teaching

Postgraduate Tutor 

 MSc Mental Health of Children and Young People: Psychological Approaches

  • Typical & Atypical Child Development
  • Research Methods in Applied Psychology
  • Trauma & Resilience in Developmental Context
  • Evidence-based Psychological Interventions

MSc Psychology of Mental Health

  • Research Methods in Applied Psychology

Research summary

  • Interested in studying the effect of interpersonal factors on complex trauma exposure in adolescents, especially in care experiences. 
  • Interested in studying the effectivess of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) on complex trauma exposure

Current research interests

- Understanding trauma symptom profile in adolescents with complex trauma exposure in care experiences - Evaluation of a short neurodevelopment trauma training for residential care workers

Past research interests

- Qualitative approaches to understanding facilitators and obstacles of online sexual abuse in late adolescents

Knowledge exchange

- Studying the current impact of COVID-19 on daily life stressors of looked after children and adolescents in residential care.

Affiliated research centres

Current project grants

Main Applicant- Student Experience Grant (ConverRACEions)

Past project grants

Co-Applicant- Student Experience Grant (Research Bow)
Co-Applicant- Social Responsibility and Sustainability Student Project Grant
Co-Applicant- InspirED Student Grant (PGR Reps HiSS)


  • August 2020: Annual PGR Conference *Virtual*- Understanding the Interpersonal Effects of Complex Trauma in Adolescents
  • July 2020: Annual PsyPAG Conference *Virtual* - Qualitative Approaches to Facilitators and Obstacles to Disclosure of Online Sexual Abuse in Late Adolescents (https://osf.io/gc9px/.)
  • December 2013: North India Annual Technical and Engineering Conference- Use of Psychological Motivational Techniques on Engineering Undergraduates in India
  • August 2013: Annual Social Sciences Conference- Effects of Social Media on Indian Politics

PGR Representative 2020-2021

Member of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee- School of Health in Social Sciences

Member of Academic Community Development- School of Health in Social Sciences

Secretary & University Lead- ScotDPN

Proofreader & Theme-Based Editor- Research Bow