Professor Stephen Lawrie

Chair of Psychiatry and Neuro-Imaging


Professor Lawrie graduated in Medicine from Aberdeen University and completed basic Psychiatry training at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Following six months as a Wellcome Research Fellow, he was Lecturer and then Sackler Clinical Research Fellow/Reader in the Department of Psychiatry in Edinburgh.  As an Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist with NHS Lothian, he works as a general psychiatrist in Edinburgh and in the South-East Scotland regional adult ASD clinical service.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Beltane Public Engagement Fellow (2014)

Director of PsySTAR

Director of the Scottish Mental Health Research Network (SMHRN) from 2009

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh

Fellow of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Editorial Board of five other Journals including The Lancet Psychiatry

Field editor (Neuro-Imaging) for the World Journal of Biological Psychiatry

Research summary

Professor Lawrie’s overarching goal is to develop research tools to provide objective diagnoses and improve the management of major psychiatric disorder.

He is particularly interested in clinical applications of brain imaging in psychosis and in the development of novel treatments that might enhance outcomes in established schizophrenia and possibly even prevent psychosis in high risk populations.

His own research has primarily involved using structural and functional brain imaging to distinguish patients with schizophrenia from their relatives, and from other patients with major psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder and autism.

He has published more than 300 peer-reviewed articles, had more than 14,000 citations, and his h-index = 60.

Research activities

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