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My earlier studies were in the Greek and Latin classics, before I turned to Divinity including Hebrew; and my first stay in Jerusalem was at the end of a trek that began in Greece and Turkey and Syria. Doctoral research started with the French Dominicans in Jerusalem for a year, then in Germany for a year, then back in Edinburgh. My first post was administrative, but with rich research opportunities, as Assistant Director of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem. My whole teaching career in Hebrew Bible was at New College (1972-2007). I was Dean of Divinity (1993-1996) and Principal of New College (2002-2008) and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2005. I was President of the Society for Old Testament Study in 2005, and had edited its annual Book List for seven years (1986-92). A major task early in ‘retirement’ was completing a commentary on I & II Samuel for the Old Testament Library (2011). 

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