Prof Jakub Steiner

Professorial Fellow


Jakub Steiner is a Professorial Fellow (part-time) who returned to Edinburgh after residing a number of years at other universities.

He was an Associate Professor with tenure at CERGE-EI (under US permanent charter) and a member of the Executive and Supervisory Committee of CERGE-EI (since 2012). Since September 2012 he has also been an Assistant Professor at CERGE, Charles University, and since January 2012 a Senior Researcher at the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

He has been awarded the J. E. Purkyn Fellowship by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. He has been an Assistant Professor at Kellogg, MEDS at Northwestern University since September 2009. Prior to his appointment at Kellogg, he worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Edinburgh.

He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at CERGE-EI, Charles University in Prague in 2006, and M.A. in Physics at Charles University in 2000. He has published in journals such as the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Theory, Theoretical Economics, and Games and Economic Behavior. He worked as a social worker for a Roma community from 2000-2002. Since he started working for a Roma community, he has developed an interest in economics of social exclusion.

He studies behavior in strategic situations with the possibility of self-fulfilling prophecies such as those that arise during currency attacks, bank runs, and revolutions.

Research summary

  • Perceiving Prospects Properly, with Colin Stewart
  • Price Distortions in High-Frequency Markets, with Colin Stewart (March 2013)
  • Influential Opinion Leaders, (May 2013) with Colin Stewart and Antoine Loeper revise & resubmit in the Economic Journal

Current research interests

Game theory; Economic theory

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