Phil Hermina

Language Assistant in Arabic, Lead Arabic Tutor

  • Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Centre for Open Learning

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Phil Hermina has a BA in English Literature from the University of Assuit, Egypt.  Upon completion of his degree, he started his career in teaching first as an English teacher where he went on to obtain Certificates in Teacher Development and Education from the University of Edinburgh.

Building on his experience Phil obtained a Certificate in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from the International Language Institute (ili), Cairo, Egypt in 2005.  He continued to teach in both ili and the American University before moving to the UK in 2008.

Since 2010 Phil has been teaching Arabic in the University of Edinburgh.  He teaches Modern Standard Arabic, Levant and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic to undergraduates and postgraduates.  He has designed, implemented and delivered the Arabic courses for the Centre for Open Learning from complete beginners to advanced levels.

One particular area of interest is teaching Arabic grammar - taking a complicated concept and being able to break it down to basics and then explaining how it works.


Phil has been nominated twice for the Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) Teaching Award.

Undergraduate teaching

In the Institute for Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) Phil is a tutor for first year students who are just starting to study Arabic and has delivered lectures when required.

Postgraduate teaching

Phil teaches first, second and third year postgraduate students, covering language, grammar, literature, and current affairs in The Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies department.

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Kallimni Arabi by Samia Louis with Iman A Soliman by American University in Cairo Press Recording text for the CD ISBN 978-977-416-223-7

Recording for Eurotalk - Talk Business Arabic, Talk More Arabic, Talk Business Egyptian, Talk the Talk Arabic, World Talk Arabic,204,203,200_.jpg

Collins Pocket Arabic Dictionary - Contributor - ISBN 978-0-00-741968-5

The Arabic Grammar section

  • Translation and proofreading of Arabic
  • Design of cover layout

Intelligence Arabic by Julie C Manning with Elisabeth Kendall

ISBN Paperback: 9781474401463 eBook (PDF): 9781474401470

It contains user friendly lists of Arabic English intelligence terms with brief definitions.

The audio recordings were produced by Phil Hermina, University of Edinburgh.

Phil is the Arabic Lead Tutor in the Centre for Open Learning (COL) teaching adult evening classes.  He has been the course organiser and instructor setting up courses from beginners to advanced levels since 2010.