Peter France

Honorary Fellow


Peter France retired in 2000 and is Professor Emeritus and Honorary Fellow.

Research summary

  • French literature of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
  • rhetoric and literary theory
  • comparative literature
  • modern Russian poetry
  • literary translation

His main books include:

  • Politeness and its Discontents (1992)
  • Diderot (1983)
  • Poets of Modern Russia (1982)
  • Rhetoric and Truth in France (1972)
  • Racine's Rhetoric (1965)

(as editor)

  • Mapping Lives, the Uses of Biography (2002).
  • The Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation (2000)
  • The New Oxford Companion to Literature in French (1995)

He has published several volumes of translation, particularly poetry, and is currently preparing a volume of the poetry of Evgeny Baratynsky and working as joint general editor, with Stuart Gillespie of Glasgow University, of the five-volume Oxford History of Literary Translation in English.