Peter Candy

Thesis title: Rome's Economic and Legal Transformation: The Development of Roman Maritime Law during the Late Republic


Peter is a PhD Student at the University of Edinburgh writing on Roman maritime law and the relationship between legal and economic activity during the late Republic and early Principate.

Undergraduate teaching

In 2017 Peter designed an honours course entitled ‘Trade, Commerce, and Society’, for which he conducted the seminars in the first semester of the academic session 2017/18. The course was designed to provide students with a detailed understanding of the application of the New Institutional Economics to the study the Roman economy, with a particular focus on legal institutional change.

Peter has been a tutor on the Civil Law (Ordinary) course since the 2014/15 academic session.

Peter is the convener of the Henry Goudy Seminar, which meets twice per semester with the aim of providing a forum for students and faculty members to discuss law in the ancient world.

Research summary

Peter's primary research interest is the historical development of Roman law in its socio-economic context. He also has an active interest in the economic history of the ancient Mediterranean and debates concerning the applicability of modern social and economic theory to historical contexts.

Conference details

Peter has participated in conferences concerning Roman law, ancient history, and archaeology.

Papers delivered

‘Rome’s Economic and Legal Transformation: The Development of Roman Maritime Law in the Late Republic’, Theorizing Contacts in the Roman Empire (Edinburgh, December 2017).

‘The Callimachus Loan (D., Scaev. 28 dig.): A New Interpretation in Light of the Legal-Financial Structure of Loans in the Archive of the Sulpicii’, SIHDA (Bologna and Ravenna, September 2017).

‘The Economics of Property Rights in the Ship in Roman Law’, Directions in Legal History and Roman Law (Edinburgh, July 2017).

‘D.13.4 from a New Institutional Perspective’, Ancient Law in Context (Edinburgh, June 2017).

‘The Time Limit to Repay a Roman Maritime Loan: Archaeological Perspectives’, Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference (Southampton, December 2016).

‘Female Shippers in the Roman Empire?’, Ancient Law in Context (Edinburgh, October 2016).