Penny Fielding

Grierson Professor of English Literature


Penny Fielding is Grierson Professor of English Literature and Research Director for the Department of English Literature

Penny studied for her BA and DPhil at the University of Oxford. Before coming to Edinburgh she held lectureships at the University of Bristol and Trinity College Dublin. She has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and a Visiting Research Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.

Current PhD students supervised

Muireann Crowley - Naming in Nineteenth Century Literature

Katherine Wright - Abduction Narratives in Eighteenth-century novels

Research summary

Penny is interested in literature of both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with a particular emphasis on Scottish writing. She has written books on theories of language and theories of space and place in Scotland, and is currently a General Editor of the New Edinburgh Edition of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Penny is working on a project on fiction and espionage from the French Revolution to the Cold War and would be interested in supervising PhD students in any of her research areas.

With Alex Thomson she is co-director of the Research Project Scottish Writing in the Nineteenth Century and is particularly interested to hear from students in this field.

Penny is Principal Investigator of the AHRC project Writing the North and series co-editor (with Ian Duncan) of Edinburgh Critical Studies in Romanticism.

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