Mr Paul Wood

Principal Clinician Farm Animal Practice & Farm Hospital


Paul graduated from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in 2005 and then spent 18 months working in mixed practice across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Prior to starting a year long MSc in Wild Animal Health with ZSL London and the RVC in July 2007 he moved around the UK doing small animal and exotic animal locum positions. During the MSc Paul worked with a wide variety of species including free roaming herds of deer and antelope as well as individual medicine of birds, wild cats and primates. He was also exposed to various concepts and projects relating to conservation across the globe. During the MSc Paul completed a thesis on Anaesthesia in the Pacific walrus.

After completing this degree he returned to the RVC as a Farm animal clinician working in both the ambulatory and referral practices. During this time he completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Education as well as being heavily involved in all aspects of the RVC curriculum. He was a member of the OSPVE review committee and also recieved the Jim Bee Educators Award.

After three years at the RVC Paul had a brief foray into the pharmaceutical industry, providing maternity cover as an Area Veterinary Manager for Pfizer Animal Health. This role was mainly consultative and involved providing support for veterinary practices and farmers, vet and farmer training, pharmacovigilance investigations and development of sales/learning materials. During this year he won the Pfizer Customer Excellence Award. 

In 2012 Paul joined the farm department at the University of Cambridge and, alongside a significant teaching role, developed the ambulatory, referral and consultancy services. This included rebranding the services and developing relationshipds with local and national farm vet practices. During his time at Cambridge he achieved his Diploma in Veterinary Education and became involved in clinical supervsions of students at all stages of the course. 

In October 2016 Paul moved north of the border to the Farm Animal Practice at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh, as Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice and Principal Clinician in the Farm Animal Practice and Hospital.

Paul’s interests lay in Fertility and Obstetrics; Individual and Smallholder farm animal medicine, surgery and management; and Veterinary Education and Student Support.


Bachelors in Veterinary Medicine, Royal Veterinary College

A study into the relationship bewteen cotyledon size in late stage pregnancy and calf birth weight and size

Masters of Science in Wild Animal Health, Zoological Society London and Royal Veterinary College

Anaesthesia in the Pacific Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus divergens) using Medetomidine and Zoletil®

Post Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Education, Royal Veterinary College

Post Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Education, Royal Veterinary College



2005 Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

2005 Official Veterinarian

2008 Fellow of the Higher Education Authority

Responsibilities & affiliations

Principal Clinician for R(D)SVS Farm Animal Practice and Farm Animal Hospital

Exam Board Chair Professional and Clinical Skills

Current research interests

Clinical farm animal veterinary medicine Wild animal conservation and zoological medicine Student learning and pastoral support

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