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Name Role Business unit(s)
Jane Alexander Deputy Programme Director, MSc in Creative Writing (Online)
Jo Alexjuk Lecturer - Postgraduate MSc programme
Fayaz Alibhai Participating in the Public Sphere: A Case Study of Muslims in Edinburgh
Mohammad Alkuwari (Student profile) Research Student
Bryan Allan Simulated Patient Co-ordinator, Theme Head Clinical Communication
Michael Allerhand Statistician
Mary Allison PhD Student
Neil Allison User Experience Manager
Dr Pete Allison FRGS FEC FYET Senior Lecturer Values and Experiential Learning
Russell L. Almon Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, New College, School of Divinity
Athary Almuhanna (Student profile) Research Student
Alaa Alshaikh Sulaiman Teaching Fellow
Ahmed Alsulami PhD Linguistics and English Language
Drew Altschul Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Cognitive Epidemiology
Drew Altschul PhD Psychology
Abdulrahman Alwadea PhD Linguistics & English Language
Ali Alzayid PhD Linguistics and English Language
Dr Carmen Amador Research Scientist
Alejandro Amores Film, Emotion and Melodrama in Japanese Cinema
Amanda Amos Professor of Health Promotion