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Name Role Business unit(s)
Stina Saunders Research Assistant / PhD student
Sabina Savadova (PhD Research Student) Project title: Exploring parental agency and preschool children’s interactions with technology at home: A comparative analysis of Georgia and Azerbaijan
Roger Savage Honorary Fellow
Jose Saval Reader
Mayumi Sawada
Professor John Sawyer Honorary Fellow
Prof Stuart Sayer Professor of Economics Education
Theodore Scaltsas Professor
Fiona Scanlon Student Support Officer
Audrey Scardina PhD Student - Archaeology
Rachel Scarfe First year PhD Student
Debbie Schachter (Student profile) Research Student
Daniel Schaefer Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics
Johannes Schaten IT Support Officer
Cat Schaupp The Articulation and Repression of War Experience: A Study of the Literary Legacy of Craiglockhart War Hospital
Marion Schmid Professor of French Literature and Film
Eva-maria Schnelten PhD Linguistics and English Language
Christian Schnier Senior Epidemiologist
Dr Lisa Schölin Research Fellow, Nursing Studies
Anders Schoubye Lecturer