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Name Role Business unit(s)
Helen Watters Clinical Support Work
Dr Michael Watts Senior Teaching Fellow
Rosie Wayte Administrative Assistant to the Clinical Tutor Team
Kerri Wazny PhD Student
James Weatherill
Mrs Jane Weaver Deputy Facilities and Services Manager
Alister Webb Database and Systems Administrator
David Webb Christison Chair of Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology
Nathan Webb Senior Systems Officer
Scott Webster Personal Chair of Medicines Discovery
Cat Wedderburn PhD Student
Bryan Wee Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Fiona Wee Trial Manager
Dr Elisabet Weedon Honorary Fellow
Christopher Weir Professor of Medical Statistics and Clinical Trials
Susan Weir Teaching Fellow in Physical Education
Alexander Weiss Senior Lecturer
Emily Weiss PhD Student
Julie Welburn Senior Research Fellow
Liz Welch Director : Finance Transaction Services