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Name Role Business unit(s)
Melissa Steel
Robby Steel (EdD student) Research Student
Felix Stein Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Anne Steinberg
Tracy Steinberg Data and IT Skills L&D Professional
Prof Jakub Steiner Professorial Fellow
Dr Andreas Steinhauer Lecturer in Economics
Katharine Steinke
Mr Pieter Steketee Research Fellow
Rosie Stenhouse Lecturer; School Equality and Diversity Coordinator; Associate Director Centre for Creative Relational Inquiry
Duncan Stephen User Experience Manager (acting)
Jacqueline Stephen Clinical Trials Statistician
Louise Stephen Core Scientist - Research Fellow
Thomas Stephen PhD Linguistics & English Language
Holly Stephens Lecturer in Japanese and Korean Studies
Laura Sterian
Francesco Stermotich-Cappellari The Spiritual in Islamic Calligraphy: A Phenomenological Approach to the Contemporary Turkish Calligraphic Tradition
Guy Stern (MScR student)
Anna Sternberg
David C Sterratt University Teacher