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Name Role Business unit(s)
Qijuan Shen (PhD Graduate 2019) Research Student
Xia Shen Chancellor's Fellow
Dr Xueyi Shen Research Fellow
Xueyi Shen
Dr Susan D Shenkin Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Edinburgh; Honorary Consultant, NHS Lothian
Deirdre Shepherd Tutor
Ms Fran Shepherd
Paul Shepherd Junior support Analyst - Modern Apprentice
Ms Shahida Sheraz Research Assistant
Chris Sheridan eLearning Co-ordinator for MSc Clinical Trials
Dr Adrian Sherman Avian Technologies Manager
Volodymyr Alexander Shevchuk
Ting Shi Research Fellow
Xinxiang Shi
Isabella Shields
Dr Kirsteen Shields Lecturer in International Law and Food Security
Rosalind Shields Institute Secretary for IEB and IIIR
Dr Barbara Shih Research Fellow
Richard Shillcock Reader
Akihiko Shimizu Language Assistant in Japanese