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Name Role Business unit(s)
Sonia Sjollema (PhD student)
Barbora Skarabela Knowledge Exchange & Public Impact Officer
Dr Claire Skea Teaching Fellow
Craig Skeldon Business Development Manager
Dr Janet Skinner Director of Clincial Skills, Theme head for Emergency Care and Clinical Skills, Centre for Medical Education Member, MD/PhD supervisor
James Slack Service Manager (Learning Technology)
Rachel Slaski Deanery Finance Manager
Emilie Sleight
Aiste Slezeviciute
Anne Sloan Farm Cleaner
Charles Sloan Stockman
Robert Sloan Stockman
Anniek Sluiman PhD Student
Miss Suzanne Small Veterinary Nurse - Emergency and Critical Care (ECC)
Robin Smart
Ms Ashley Smillie Animal Care Assistant
Luigi Smimmo PhD Psychology
Per Smiseth
Dr Alexandra Smith Reader in Russian Studies
Ms Alison Smith Receptionist