Professor Nick Gilbert

Group Leader


Nick Gilbert started his research group with a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellowship (2006-2010) and moved to the MRC Human Genetics Unit in 2012, as an MRC Senior Fellow, where he was awarded a personal chair in Chromatin Biology.

Research Interests: The Gilbert lab develops new tools to investigate how chromatin is folded inside cells, to understand how packaging regulates normal cellular events such as transcription and DNA replication. They also investigate how alterations in chromatin folding can predispose the genome to instability, one of the key drivers for many diseases including cancer. In addition to using cellular models they use synthetic chromatin to gain insight into the molecular mechanisms for regulating chromatin structure.


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BSc. Hons. Biochemistry (1st Class), The University of Edinburgh (1992-1995) Ph.D “Nature and Modulation of the Higher-Order Chromatin Fibre”. Department of Biochemistry and Centre for Genome Research, The University of Edinburgh, UK (1996-2000).

Responsibilities & affiliations

IGC Director of Graduate Research and Training

Wellcome Trust Molecular Basis of Cell Function Expert Review Group

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