Nic Newton

Thesis title: The Poetry of Sight: Literary Contexts of the Mahāyāna Imaginaire

Undergraduate teaching

Teaching Fellow: School of Divinity, REST 10058 SCQF Level 10 'Buddhist Ethics', Semester 1 2020-21

Teaching Assistant: School of Divinity, REST 10048 SCQF Level 10 'Theravāda Buddhism', Semester 2 2019-20

Tutor, Substitute Lecturer: School of Divinity, REST 08020 SCQF Level 8 'Religions of Ancient India', Semester 2 2019-20

Tutor: School of Divinity, REST 08015 SCQF Level 8 'Global Religions A: Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam', Semester 1 2018-19.



Research summary

  • Buddhism
  • Early Mahāyāna
  • Visual Theory

In the press Profile:

"An Unfinished Jigsaw: New Scholarship on the Origins of the Mahāyāna."

Buddhist Studies Review, vol. 38, no. 1, 2021, pp. 91-101.


"The Uses Of Light: Visuality, Metaphor And Rhetorical Strategy In the Daśabhūmikasūtra."

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"Description, Visualisation, and Concatenation in the Larger Sukhāvatīvyūhasūtra"

University of Oxford, Faculty of Oriental Studies

'Reading Mahāyāna Scripture'

Conference, Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre, St. Anne's College, September 25-26, 2021


"In the Mind but Out of Sight: Visuality, Rhetoric, and the Early Mahāyāna"

University of Edinburgh, School of Divinity

'Indian Buddhist Narrative: Text and Image'

Symposium, Martin Hall, School of Divinity, September 6-7, 2019


"In the Mind but Out of Sight: Visionary Rhetoric and Epistemology in the Early Mahāyāna."

University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies

'United Kingdom Association of Buddhist Studies Annual Conference 2019'

Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, University of London, Saturday 6th July 2019


"The Uses Of Light: Visuality, Metaphor And Rhetorical Strategy In The Daśabhūmika-Sūtra."

University of Zurich

Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies University Research Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe

'Vision and Visuality in Buddhism and Beyond'

Workshop, Zurich, November 24–26, 2016