Natalia Stengel Peña

Tutor in Spanish

  • Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
  • Department of European Languages and Cultures
  • School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

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Room 3.31
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Dr Natalia Stengel Peña recently graduated from a PhD in Latin American Studies at King’s College London. Previously, she studied a M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art at Casa Lamm (Mexico) graduating with her generation highest mark; she graduated with honours in Sociology at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. At the moment, she is a Spanish Tutor at The University of Edinburgh. She is a member of the Experiential Translation Network, King’s College London and The University of Edinburgh. 

During her PhD, she was one of the student ambassadors working in the project coordinated by Dr Catherine Boyle, Worldmaking in the Time of COVID-19. She later on contributed as a research assistant and a collaborator on an upcoming publication.  

She received the CONACYT Scholarship (Mexico) and the Arts and Humanities Scholarship for her PhD.  

As a literary author, she has received awards and recognitions. In 2020, she won the contest Carta a las Madres de víctimas de feminicidio y desaparición forzada organised by Mónica Mayer and the UNAM; the best letters were published in an Open Access book. In 2007, she obtained an honorary mention in the Young Novel Contest Jordi Sierra I Fabra and the Short Story Contest Juan Rulfo. 

She coordinated the first local diagnosis in Human Trafficking in Mexico and a research about the empowerment of grassroots women. Since then, she has been exploring feminist art and artivism as an alternative to denounce gender-based violence.  

Presently, she is co-coordinated of the project The Bingo of Fear, an artivist project that provides a joyful tool for women to denounce all the motifs for which they have experienced fear. The tool has been used in different states of Mexico and the United Kingdom. 


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Responsibilities & affiliations

Member of the Experiential Translation Network

Past project grants

• CONACYT Scholarship (2019-2021)
• Arts and Humanities Research Council (2018-2020)
• PECDA Querétaro (Creative Writing Scholarship, 2011)