Dr Athanasia (Nancy) Arnokourou


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Room 4.02
31 Buccleuch Place

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  • Office Hours | Semester 2 | 2022-23 (Weeks 1-10)
    General Office Hour: Wednesdays 12-1pm
    Dissertation Office Hour: Wednesdays 1-2pm
    Introductory Behavioural Economics Office Hour: Tuesdays 4-5pm


Athanasia graduated from the University of Athens with a BSc in Economics, with a MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick and a MPhil in Economics from University of Athens. She joined the University of Edinburgh in 2010 to do her PhD in Economics.

Her research interests lie within the fields of experimental and applied behavioural economics and her current research focuses on the role of prior outcomes in decisions in the laboratory.

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Experimental Economics

Behavioural Economics