Nadine Dietrich

PhD Linguistics & English Language

  • Linguistics and English Language
  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics

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2020 - present   PhD Linguistics and English Language (University of Edinburgh)

  • Project: Dynamics of semantic change in English future-time expressions

2018-2020           MA Linguistics (University of Cologne)

  • Thesis: Verb-semantic factors in the development of the English futurate progressive

2013 - 2016         BA English Studies and Media Studies (Ruhr-University Bochum)

  • Thesis: The development of do-support in Early and Late Modern English


Current research interests

I'm interested in language change from a cognitive-linguistic perspective. I'm particularly interested in grammaticalization theory, semantic change and diachronic construction grammar. I'm currently working on the historical development of English future time expressions. My research focuses specifically on semantic change, constructionalization and how to model polysemy and variation in a constructional network.

Past research interests

In my masters, I have focused particularly on the conceptualisation of modality and futurity. My master thesis investigated (verb) semantic factors in the development of the English futurate progressive, which involved the development of a semantic framework for futural meaning dimensions and argued that most futural expressions have modal flavours.