Ms Cristina Soare



Cristina obtained her veterinary degree at the University of Bucharest, Romania, in 2005.  She worked for two years in small animal practice and subsequently undertook a position for the Civil Service as Veterinary Adviser. In the UK, most of career experience concerns Veterinary Public Health sector, from practical meat hygiene inspection, to Official Veterinarian's duties and audit of food safety management systems. 

Cristina's interests are Veterinary Public Health, covering all aspects of 'Farm to Fork' and zoonoses with an emphasis on emerging diseases and their impact on global health.


Postgraduate Diploma, University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest Laboratory techniques in diagnosis of tuberculosis

Official Veterinarian Panel 2, OVS Veterinary Medicine, MRCVS

Responsibilities & affiliations

UG teaching staff

Year I- Animal Health, Welfare & Food Safety- Lecture on Zoonoses and Emerging Diseases

GEP-Animal Health, Welfare & Food Safety- Lecture on Zoonoses and Emerging Diseases

Year 4- Veterinary Public Health-

Lectures on: Enforcement and Legislation, Slaughter Design and slaughter process, Zoonoses, Audits, Ante-Mortem Inspection and Emergency slaughter;

Practicals on Meat Hygiene Inspection;

Tutorials on: Food Traceability and Zoonoses

Year 5

Practical Experience Visits to Food Producing Establishments

Practicals on Meat Hygiene Inspection

Tutorials on Animal Welfare and Occupational Zoonoses