Mrs Fiona Oliver

Laboratory Supervisor - Teaching


I originally joined the University of Edinburgh in 1979 as a junior MLSO working in the Urology lab at the WGH. Prior to moving to the Dick Vet in 2010 I worked as a research technician on various research projects covering a range of subjects including prostatic cancer, infertility and eventually progressed to a research assistants post in evolutionary biology.

My current role as the teaching lab supervisor is very varied.  I am responsible for ensuring everything is in place for all practical classes in all the labs within the teaching building and supervising the teaching labs technical team.  I demonstrate in classes and assist with the technical support when time allows.  I’m also heavily involved in developing new teaching models, advising on technical requirements for any new classes, and introducing new techniques.

Responsibilities & affiliations

School Technical Staff, Pre-Clinical Teaching

Undergraduate teaching

Demonstrator and technical support for a range of undergraduate courses within the teaching laboratories.

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