Mrs Bryony Lancaster

Deputy Director MSc Equine Science and Lecturer in Horse Husbandry


Equine Grass Sickness (EGS) is my main area of academic interest.  Before taking up my current position I worked in the R(D)SVS Equine Hospital as the EGS Fund Research Assistant and Nurse.  Both my BSc and MSc research studies were conducted at the University of Edinburgh. My reseach covered a wide range of aspects of EGS from non-invasive methods of diagnosis to possible causes of disease and improving nursing methods of the chronic EGS case.  My current reseach interests are in Equitation Science and introducing learning theory and an understanding of horse training techniques into the veterinary curriculum to improve safety in the veterinary profession. 

I am Deputy Director of our very successful MSc in Equine Science distance education programme, one of the longest running online programmes offered by the R(D)SVS, University of Edinburgh.   I teach on the BVM&S programme in the area of Horse Husbandry. 

I manage the training, health and welfare of the R(D)SVS's ten teaching horses, which are used for practical classes ranging from horse husbandry to surface anatomy, farriery practicals, bandaging classes, clinical skills and equitation science classes.  The BVM&S students are also able to help with the veterinary care of the teaching horses. 

My hobbies include looking after and training my American Quarter horse.  I am particularly interested in improving horse husbandry of domestic horses and training techniques based on learning theory.  I enjoy Western Riding as a discipline.   Most of my spare time is spent with my husband and young son.


Master of Research, University of Edinburgh, Dissertation Thesis: Equine Grass Sickness Studies

Bachelor of Science, University of the West of England, Dissertation Thesis: The occurrence of Clostridium perfringens in the intestines of horses with Grass Sickness, healthy co-grazing and control horses and horses with ileus

Responsibilities & affiliations

Postgraduate teaching, co-ordination and administration, Undergraduate teaching, Member of R(D)SVS Human Ethics Research Committee, Member of Equine Grass Sickness Fund Committee.

Undergraduate teaching

UG BVM&S, Year 1, Animal Health Welfare & Food Safety 1

Postgraduate teaching

PG (MSc Taught Courses), MSc Applied Behaviour & Welfare, Animal Welfare Applications.

PG (MSc Taught Course), MSc Equine Science, Equine Digestion & Nutrition, Equine Exercise Physiology 2, Research Methods in Equine Science, Equine Science Dissertation. 

PG (MSc Taught Course), MSc International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law, International Animal Welfare Science, IAWE&L Dissertation. 

Research summary

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