Mr Kevin Eatwell

Senior Lecturer


Kevin has a wide base of experience and has been active within the field for over 25 years. He has worked for first opinion and referral exotic veterinary practices, zoological collections, wildlife hospitals and for commercial clinical pathology laboratories. Kevin is a Royal College and European College specialist. Kevin has a wide base of interests in the exotic field with birds and reptiles being his favourite patients. Kevin has kept birds and reptiles since he was 13 years old. He joined the Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Pracitce in 2008, expanding the depth and breadth of knowledge and the level of care available for all first opinion and referral exotic patients at the clinic.


Bachelor of Science with honours, University of Bristol.

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Diploma in Reptilian Medicine.

European College of Zoological Medicine Diploma in Herpetological Medicine.

European College of Zoolgocial Medicine Diploma in Small Mammal Medicine.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Practice.

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