Mr Keith Erskine

Teaching Technician


I am a Teaching Technician at the Vet School. I am primarily involved in laboratory based classes such as DNA, Embryology, Parasitology, Haematology and Histology. I also assist in Ophthalmology for Clinical Skills. I demonstrate in these classes, passing on my knowledge of the subject matter to the students as well as setting them up in preparation.

My other responsibilities include the upkeep of the student slide boxes by sourcing new samples and producing quality replacements for slides that have deteriorated in quality or have become damaged. I am responsible for training users on the NanoZoomer slide scanner and keeping electronic copies of the teaching slides up to date.

Before I joined the Vet School in 2015, I had worked in a variety of different laboratories and units, both at The University of Edinburgh, and with other organisations. My background is primarily in Histopathology, but I have experience in water quality testing, transgenics, quality control, haematology, animal technology and a lot of other modern laboratory techniques and assays.

I am a professionally registered Science Technician (RSciTech) with the Institute of Science and Technology (IST), and I am working towards adding teaching qualifications to my skill set.

I am a member of the following committees and groups:

  • University of Edinburgh Technician Support Steering Group (TSSG)
  • Easter Bush Campus Career Development Committee for Professional Services
  • Easter Bush Wellbeing and Social