Monique De Pace

Thesis title: An investigation of health and disease in Mesambria, Bulgaria through physiological stress markers and dietary reconstruction

PhD Archaeology

Year of study: 2

  • School of History, Classics and Archaeology

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School of History, Classics and Archaeology
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I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto in 2014 with a Specialist Degree in Archaeology (Bioanthropology stream), a major in Classical History, and a minor in Art History. During the course of my studies I was able to explore many diverse interests and I participated in fieldwork in Madaba, Jordan; Stobi, Macedonia; and Békéscsaba, Hungary.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I accepted an offer to study Human Osteoarchaeology with the University of Edinburgh. During the course of this programme I developed my interests in juvenile archaeology and isotopic analysis. I was able to travel to Nessebar, Bulgaria for my Master's research and conduct my own data collection on a Medieval skeletal collection housed in Nessebar's museum. In 2015 I completed my Master's dissertation under the  supervision of Dr. Kathleen McSweeney. 

I am very pleased to be back in Edinburgh pursuing my doctoral degree after a few years back in Canada. I am further developing the subject of my Master's dissertation and exploring more of the questions surrounding my site.


MSc Human Osteoarchaeology with Distinction, University of Edinburgh 2015

BA Archaeology & Classical History with Honours, University of Toronto 2014

Responsibilities & affiliations

Archaeology PhD Student Representative

Member, Society for American Archaeology

Member, British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology

Member, European Association of Archaeologists

Member, Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past

Research summary

Investigating survivability and mortality in Early Byzantine - Medieval coastal Bulgaria through isotopic analysis and osteological data

Current research interests

Weaning patterns and infant mortality

Past research interests

Dental health and dietary reconstruction

Current project grants

The Moray Endowment Award


Soceity for American Archaeology, 82nd Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada 2017

Presenter, General Session [290]: Understanding Paleodiets through Isotopic Research I