Miss Diane Macdonald

Veterinary Nursing Administrator


I started my Veterinary Nursing career in 1980 when I joined the Dick Vet at Summerhall as a trainee. I successfully qualified as a Registered Animal Nursing Auxilliary (RANA) in 1983 and continued to work there as a surgical nurse.

I left in 1989 to join Arnolds Vet Products as a sales rep for 5 years, then Edinburgh based Ethicon sutures for 4 years. In both jobs my territory was quite large, covering Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland.

In 1998 I returned to the Dick Vet at Summerhall in the role of Deputy Head Nurse, working in the Medicine dept. When we moved out to the Hospital for Small Animals in 1999 I continued to work in the Medicine Department, achieving my Advanced Nursing Diploma (Medicine) in 2002.

I became Head Nurse in 2004 and I'm currently Nursing Administrator, overseeing all the nursing team in HfSA.


Advance Vet Nursing Diploma (Medical), DipAVN(med) Registered Veterinary Nurse, RVN

Responsibilities & affiliations

HfSA Veterinary Nurse