Miss Catherine Davidson

ECAT Veterinary Clinical Lecturer


After graduating from Glasgow Veterinary School in 2007, I spent a year working in mixed practice in Suffolk before completing a 1-year rotating small animal internship at the RVC. Following several years in small animal practice and veterinary charity work abroad, I was awarded a 7-year ECAT Wellcome Trust Fellowship to undertake a PhD and residency in oncology.

I am currently completing my PhD at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre within the field of cancer immunology. Specifically, I have chosen to study the effects of focal adhesion kinase signalling on Th17 cell induction in pancreatic cancer, a cancer of unmet need, where seismic improvements in therapy options have not been forthcoming in both human and veterinary medicine. 


Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, The University of Glasgow

Responsibilities & affiliations

UG Teaching Staff

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