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Name Role Business unit(s)
Margarida Teixeira-Dias Special Projects Manager
Paul Telemo Third year PhD Student
Evelyn Telfer
Lisa Telford Soft Tissue Nurse
Leolie Lucy Telford-Cooke
Mrs Jeni Temperley Campus Health and Safety Manager
Anne Templeton Lecturer
Deirdre Templeton Research Administrator
Professor Albert Tenesa Personal chair of Quantitative Genetics
Mr Peter Tennant Senior Research Assistant
Dr Peter Tennant Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Evgenia Teplechuk Head of Finance and Administration
Richard Tepper maturana
Maria Terradas Terradas
Professor Melissa Terras Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage
Barbara Tesio-Ryan
Barbara Tesio-Ryan
Ms Barbara Testa Junior Veterinary Anaesthetist
Professor Lyn Tett Professor Emerita
Mick Thacker PhD Philosophy