Melissa Dunlop (BSc MSc MA)

Thesis title: Auto/fictioning (the) Contemporary (in) Human Relations and Psychotherapeutic Processes

Research summary

My PhD asked what psychotherapy could learn from contemporary fiction, and the final thesis took the form of an autofictional novel exploring the life and work of a UK based therapist in the years following the 2016 referendum.

I am developing a new research project further articulating a posthuman, psychosocial relational perspective on the art(s) of living in our present time

Current research interests

Psychosocial Studies Creative and action-based practices Relationality and process philosophies Posthumanism and New Materialism Collaborative qualitative inquiry Dis/embodiment, digital intimacies and subjectivity 'Fictioning' as a generative method of inquiry Aesthetics, Stylistics, Form, and Imaginative Interventions

Affiliated research centres