Mary Catherine Burgess

Honorary Fellow


I have an interdisciplinary educational background, a diverse work history, and a rich array of experiences. My love of learning has led to several postgraduate educational degrees, professional licensures and certifications, and in-depth training in shamanism, shamanic healing, and mystery school.

In 2006 I became certified by the Barrett Values Centre as a Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) consultant – using values assessments to facilitate personal values alignment, in addition to values alignment within teams, organizations, and communities. In 2011 I achieved certification as a Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy, which I have used often in my work. 

In 2014 I became a Graduate Facilitator for the holistic, research-based Conscious Aging Program and am starting to offer that to interested groups. Similarly, one outcome of my ongoing research into death and dying is organizing showings and facilitating workshops based on the new film ‘Death Makes Life Possible’. Both the Conscious Aging Program and the film have emerged out of research and collaboration conducted through the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in California, USA.

Other professional roles I have had include: human relations and transformational change consultant; spiritual counselor; teacher; and shamanic practitioner. I also have worked as a spirituality and multifaith chaplain; ordained minister and presider at ceremonies; retreat planner and facilitator; research fellow; postgraduate supervisor; personal injury claims representative; and leader of corporate programs in medical management, quality integration, and organizational effectiveness.

Postgraduate teaching

  • Master of Counselling, Interpersonal Dialogue – On Siobhan’s team and contributing to three classes in the autumn of 2011
  • CPD Programme in Counselling and Psychotherapy – Teaching Weekend Workshop entitled ‘An Introduction to Psychodrama’ in January of 2012
  • Guest Lecturer for Shamanism Course in Religious Studies/Divinity at New College from 2003 – 2011

Areas of interest for supervision



Research summary

Research Interests

Consciousness, Worldviews, Integral Thinking, and Spirituality in a Global Context: Transforming Consciousness and Worldviews; Developmental Theories; Evolving Spirituality and Faith; Spirituality and Counselling; Shamanism; and Divine Feminine        

AHRC Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow 2012-2013 (follow-on grant to AHRC/ESRC

Theology and Therapy Research Grant) – planning and co-facilitating Spirituality and Counselling

Workshops with Alette Willis and Liz Bondi

Purpose, Direction, and Making a Difference in the World: Compassion; Conscious Wellbeing, Aging and Dying; Human Potential and Science; Values-Based Transformational Leadership 

Co-Creating Compassionate Communities: Social Artistry; Skills for Co-Creating Communities (action methods); Universal Humans and Globally Just Societies; and Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Research activity

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Consultation

UK Values Alliance; UK Dying Well Research Group; Globally Just Leadership Group within UofE Global Justice Academy; UofE Global Citizen Workshop/Initiatives; UofE What’s a University For? Collaboration; UofE Global Health AcademyUK Integral Thinking and Spirituality Network; International Interdisciplinary Networking Collaboration; and International Multifaith Exchanges/Collaboration