Martin Farias

PhD Student


Martín is a PhD research candidate in Music at the Reid School of Music. Prior to starting his PhD, he completed a Master of Arts in Musicology and his undergraduate studies in Music Education at the University of Chile and the UMCE respectively. His research interests include film music, stage music and politics. His PhD focuses on the development of film music in Chile from the beginning of the sound era in the late 1930s until the coup d’état in 1973 particularly in its relations with national identity and politics. In parallel, he runs a digital archive of stage music in Chile in the website

Research title: Chilean Film Music (1939-1973): Folklore, Experimentalism and Politics

Supervisors: Annette Davison (Music) and Charlotte Gleghorn (Hispanic Studies)

Farías, Martín. Encantadores de serpientes: Músicos de teatro en Chile 1988-2011. Santiago: Cuarto Propio, 2012.


Farías, Martín. Reconstruyendo el sonido de la escena: Músicos de teatro en Chile 1947-1987. Santiago: Cuarto Propio, 2014.


Farías Martín; Karmy, Eileen (ed.) Palimpsestos sonoros: Reflexiones sobre la Nueva Canción Chilena. Santiago: Ceibo, 2014.

Farías, Martín. Más cerca de la luz: teatro callejero en Santiago de Chile. FONDART, 2014.


Farías, Martín; Karmy, Eileen. Canción Norteña: Los Cumaná de Coquimbo. FONDART, 2017.  (Forthcoming)