Mark Pace (PhD student)

Thesis title: Exploring a male ballet dancers adolescent years and the different events and transitions that affected their talent development and how their interpersonal relationships influenced them during these different transitions and events


I was a professional dancer for over 20 years and now a dance academic and teacher, teaching at the University of Edinburgh (UoE) as a Teaching Fellow on the program MSc in Dance Science and Education from November 2017 to October 2021.  I am currently the lead classical ballet teacher at the Conservatoire of Lille, France.  I have over thirty years of dancing, teaching and guesting experience in various international ballet companies and school settings. Originally from Australia, my career began at the Australian Ballet aged 17 years. Later awarded a grant to study at The Paris Opera School, I have performed internationally with The Australian Ballet (Melbourne), Bayerisches Staatsballett, Ballet de l'Opéra national du Rhin and Béjart Ballet Lausanne. Other dance projects include international guesting, coaching, creating and assisting choreographers with ballet companies such as the Paris Opera, Shanghai Ballet, Central Ballet of China, National Ballet of Vietnam, among others. As a pedagogue, my work includes many educational roles, teaching dance in vocational and non-vocational school settings and higher education. I have also taught primary and secondary schools students in France and Australia creative movement and choreography by developing a practice that employs links to the industry and brings importance of theory in to practice. I was one of the leading advisers revising the classical ballet syllabus for the Australian Teachers of Dance and has sat on various juries for dance including Diplome d’Etat and EAT in France. I have a member of various funding commissions including the Commission Interregional for Dance and the Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin.  


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I hold an MSc in Dance Science and Education with Distinction, a BA (Hons) in Dance Education, the State Dance Diploma (DE) and the Certificate of Aptitude (CA) and a Diploma in Dance and Management (AU)