Dr Marion Carson

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Marion Carson worked for several years as a psychiatric nurse before attaining a PhD in Biblical Studies from the University of Glasgow. She then became lecturer in New Testament Studies and Pastoral Care at International Christian College in Glasgow, where she led the postgraduate research programme. She is a member of the European Baptist Federation Theological Education Commission and the World Baptist Alliance Education Commission and was formerly Secretary of the European Baptist Federation Anti-Trafficking Network. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Baptist Study Centre in Amsterdam, and a Trustee of BMS World Mission. 

An accredited Baptist minister, she currently serves as Chaplain to Glasgow City Mission, Glasgow, where she works with asylum seekers and refugees and people affected by homelessness and addiction. She is regularly invited to speak internationally on the subjects of human trafficking and mental health. Her research interest is the integration of Biblical Hermeneutics and Pastoral Theology, with particular focus on mental health, human trafficking and ethics. She is the author of Human Trafficking, the Bible and the Church: An Interdisciplinary Study (Cascade 2016) and The Pastoral Care of People with Mental Health Problems (SPCK 2008). Her current research project is an exploration the use of the Bible in the pastoral care of people suffering from severe depression.

Research summary

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