Mariel Deluna (PhD student)

Thesis title: Secondary School Modern Language Teachers' Perspectives on "Race" and Language: Racializing Languages in Scottish Education


Mariel is a PhD Student in Education at the Moray House School of Education and Sport. Her current research is on the intersection of race, ethnicity, and language teaching. Previously, she had attained an MA International Culture and Communication at Waseda University, focusing on TESOL, and a BA Rhetoric at U.C. Berkeley with a concentration in rhetorical theory.


Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Committee Member (Secretary) of the Language Education Society
  • Bilingualism Matters Volunteer
  • Much Language, Such Talk Podcast Producer, Audio Editor, Guest Host
  • PhD Student representative of the Race Equality Sub-Group for the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee at MHSES

Papers delivered

Labake F., Deluna M., Xu Y., McCune V. (2022, July 4-6). Staff perspectives on the connection between internationalisation and inclusiveness in a UK university [Paper presentation]. Higher Education Close Up 10, Lancaster, United Kingdom.

Presentations and Workshops

  • Language Education Society with UoE's PrideSoc, Non-binary Language Educators: teaching experience and practice - 1 Apr 2022, panel discussion with non-binary language educators about language, gender identity, and teaching practice
  • SCILT, National Language Leaders Programme 2022-23 Cohort workshops on Anti-Racism and Language Education
  • SCILT, Scotland's Languages Landscape: a foundation for peaceful communities - 24 Feb 2023, knowledge exchange session on Anti-Racism and Language Education


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