Marco Ruggieri

Thesis title: The Young Eco's Library: Theory of Italian Popular Culture (1930-1945)


Marco Ruggieri obtained his Master’s Degree in Modern Philology at the Federico II, University of Naples, in 2017, with a dissertation on overinterpration and conspiracy in Umberto Eco's works.


Master’s Degree in Modern Philology (University Federico II, Naples, 2017), Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Literature (University Federico II, Naples, 2015).

Responsibilities & affiliations

PhD Candidate and Tutor in Italian

Undergraduate teaching

Marco Ruggieri is a Tutor in Foundation Italian 1 (Italian language)

Research summary

His current PhD research at the University of Edinburgh focuses on Italian popular culture recovered by Umberto Eco in his novel 'La misteriosa fiamma della regina Loana'. His research has been awarded the John Orr Award in 2018. Supervisors Dr Davide Messina and Prof. Federica Pedriali.

Current research interests

Italian Cultural Studies, Italian Contemporary Literature, Popular Culture, Semiotics, Sociology of Literature

Conference details

Society for Italian Studies Biennial Conference, Edinburgh 26-28 June 2019: part of the Edinburgh Organising Team and organiser of the panel 'Hegemony and Literature: Contrasting Perspectives in Italian Culture'

Papers delivered

  • SIS Biennial Conference, 26-28 June 2019, Edinburgh: 'Gramsci and Eco: Unexplored Connections'