Marcello Crolla

Instructional Designer


Marcello joined the Educational Design and Engagement (EDE) team in 2018 as an Instructional Designer as part of the Distance Learning at Scale (DLAS) Project to support the development of the UK's first MicroMasters programme.

Marcello's interest are in technology in learning and how this can be used to foster greater engagement of learning online. Marcello continues to work with the team on various online courses across the variety of platforms at the University. Marcello is also part of the team that created the 'How to Create an Online' course.

Responsibilities & affiliations

Online course design and development

Implementing and building online courses on various supported platforms

Supporting academics in the development of course design


Conference details

Higher Education: Open to the World

Learning and Teaching Conference 2019

Festival of Creative Learning 2019

ALT Conference 2019

CeAG Winter Fayre 2019

ProgTeach Symposium 2018

Invited speaker

UNESCO International Centre for Higher Education Innovation (UNESCO-ICHEI)

Learning and Teaching Conference 2019 - Chatbots in Education

ALT Conference 2019 - Chatbot Workshop

CeAG Winter Fayre 2019 - Chatbots in Education