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Name Role Business unit(s)
Jaqueline Barber Student Support Officer
Mathew Barber Cross-cultural interactions between Christians and Muslims, and Muslim perceptions of Christians following the first Crusade
Michael Barber
Alessandro Barbieri PhD Philosophy
Elisa Barbieri Marie-Curie Postdoc
Kaiza Barbour Academic Services Coordinator (Staff Experience)
Keith Barbour Student Recruitment Officer
Lindy Barbour Teaching Fellow
Ailsa Barclay ACRC Administrator
Jim Barclay IT Services Manager
Mrs Rae Barclay Trainee Veterinary Nurse
Léopoldine Barde Quality Assurance Manager
Cameron Barford ISG Student Intern
Maciej Bargiela Facilities Finance and Support Officer
Andrew Barker Emeritus Professor of Austrian Studies
Caron Barker Lab Sequencing Technologist
Daniel Barker
Nana Barker Teaching Fellow, Course Organiser in Japanese / JLPT Coordinator
Dr Aliandra Barlete Teaching Fellow
Andy Barlow PhD Student - Archaeology Archaeology Laboratory Technician