Madeleine Beveridge

Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager

  • School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

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Room 1.03, Dugald Stewart Building

3 Charles Street, Edinburgh
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I help external organisations link up with researchers with relevant expertise, and I support them finding opportunities and funding to work with our researchers. Talk to me if you would like to:

  • Find an academic collaborator or consultant in one of our subject areas (Philosophy/ Psychology/ Linguistics);
  • Find out more about the research in a particular area, or get more information about a specific research project;
  • Get help with funding applications in order to work with one of our researchers;
  • Advertise an opportunity for researchers to engage with people outside the university


I support researchers to share their research with people outside academia, and help make sure their research is used to improve society. Talk to me if you would like to:

  • Find out what knowledge exchange and impact are and why they matter;
  • Think about who might be interested in or find your research useful, and how you can reach them;
  • Get funding (including help with applications) to share your research or to work with external partners (e.g. in health, education, policy, business, arts and culture);
  • Design an activity (e.g. festival, CPD training, workshop) to share your research, including help with costings and evaluation;
  • Discuss impact or public engagement for your research applications, including feedback and advice on Pathways to Impact;
  • Find out about resources or training opportunities;
  • Get help prioritising - which activities are most likely to help you achieve your aims?;
  • Write a REF impact case study ;-)


What my colleagues can help with...

  • Find out what kind of festivals or events would be the best fit for your activity, and get help applying- Isabella Melking
  • Promoting a research story or a public event about your research - Isabella Melking
  • Working with social media - Isabella Melking
  • Liaising with University press office - Isabella Melking
  • Designing leaflets, posters, videos etc - Isabella Melking
  • Inputting impact, knowledge exchange, and public engagement activities (including media) into PURE - Giulia Giganti
  • Advising on a new website -


If you've got a question or an idea not covered above, please get in touch anyway! If I can't help you, I probably know who can.

Having said that, please note I am part of  the Research and KE office and have no involvement in the following:

  • Marketing, student recruitment, or open days - contact Emma Caldwell
  • Advertising events (other than KE/ impact/ public engagement related events) to PPLS staff and students - contact 


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