Lukas Schwengerer

PhD Philosophy


Research Interest

I am currently working on a PhD thesis on the topic of Self-Knowledge. In particular I am arguing for an original transparency account that explains knowledge for all types of propositional attitudes (and maybe even non-propositional attitudes).


Previous Degrees

BA Philosophy - University of Vienna 2010

MA Philosophy - University of Vienna 2013


Knowing Yourself by Looking at your Smartphone - Minds, Selves, and 21st Century Technology (New University of Lisbon) - 06/2016

Process Reliabilist Transparency - Transparency in Belief and Self-Knowledge (University of Oviedo) - 11/2015

A unified transparency account of self-knowledge - SOPhiA 2015 (University of Salzburg) - 09/2015

A unified account of self-knowledge - Towards a Science of Consciousness (University of Helsinki) - 06/2015

Introspektion: Externalistisch, Transparent, Reduktiv? - Colloquium of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy (University of Vienna) - 01/2015

An Externalist Bypass Model for Self-Knowledge of Belief - Epistemology Fest (University of Edinburgh) - 12/2014

Teaching Experience

As a Student Assistant (University of Vienna):

STEOP Theoretical Philosophy (held by Professor Sven Bernecker) - 2012

As a Tutor (University of Vienna):

Seminar on Memory (held by Professor Sven Bernecker) - 2012/13

STEOP Theoretical Philosophy (held by Professor Richard Heinrich) - 2011/12

 Scholarships and Prizes

AHRC PhD Studentship

Würdigungspreis des Bundesministers für Wissenschaft und Forschung 2013 (Honorary Prize of the Austrian Minister of Science 2013)

Performance Scholarship 2010

Performance Scholarship 2009

 Other Professional Experience

Coordinator of the 6th Annual Edinburgh Graduate Epistemology Conference (University of Edinburgh) - 2016

Co-organised the 5th Annual Edinburgh Graduate Epistemology Conference (University of Edinburgh) - 2015

Conferences co-organised as part of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy:

3rd WFAP Graduate Conference: “We need to talk.” – Language and Philosophical Method. - 2014

2nd WFAP Graduate Conference: "How Am I Supposed To Know?" - Sources of Knowledge. - 2013

1st WFAP Graduate Conference: “Nothing but the Truth” - 2012

Research summary

Epistemology, Self-Knowledge, Philosophy of Mind