Louise Stephen

BBSRC Discovery Fellow


I'm a developmental biologist who wants to know how tissues mineralise. I use fluorescent markers in bones and scales to track mineralisation on the subcellular scale using cool imaging techniques along the way! I have studied protein localisation in chicken, mouse, fish and cells to better understand signalling and development in ciliopathies and immunology at The University of Manchester, CRUK Beatson Institute and here at The Roslin Institute. I moved to The Roslin Institute in 2019 and translated this background to better understand bone disorders and mineralisation in mouse and human bone. In 2022 I was awarded a BBSRC Discovery Fellowship to translate this work into fish scales and wound healing in aquaculture. I am developing tools to better understand the mechanisms underpinning mineralisation, using scales as a model system. I use zebrafish, salmon and tilapia in my research.


BSc(hons) Genetics University of Manchester

MRes (Biological Sciences) University of Manchester

PhD Developmental Biology University of Manchester

Responsibilities & affiliations

Bone Research Society Committee Member

Bone Research Seminars Founder

Scottish Microscopy Society Committee Member

HR Excellence in Research Awards Panel Member

UK Research Staff Association Former Chair

British Society of Developmental Biologists


Undergraduate teaching

BVM&S Animal Body 1

Current PhD students supervised

Charlotte Clews - Investigating matrix vesicle biogenesis and their roles in bone mineralisation

Worachet Promruk - Understanding the balance between osteogenesis and adipogenesis in a mouse model of chronic kidney disease

Past PhD students supervised

Shun-Neng Hsu - Mechanisms underpinning chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder Graduated 2022

Current research interests

Biomineralisation, Cytoskeletal organisation, Protein trafficking, Ciliogenesis

Past research interests

Cilia and ciliopathies, Conservation of trafficking pathways, Cardiac development

Knowledge exchange

I am the founder of an internationally recognised seminar series, established to improve visibility of ECRs and provide open access to cutting edge research weekly during the 2020 Covid19 Lockdown.

I promote Scottish microscopy as a member of the Scottish Microscopy Society and have spearheaded a programme to bring microscopes to schools across the region in collaboration with Easter Bush Science Outreach Centre via my project 'Wee Box of Wonders'.

Current project grants

BBSRC Discovery Fellowship £506,473

Past project grants

ISP Pump-Priming Grant. Skeletal Health: Lessons from anosteocytic fish. Co-investigator. £ 24,223.13
Duchenne Parent Project – Small Project Grant. Does anti-RANKL therapy prevent glucocorticoid induced bone loss in a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy? Co-investigator. €25,000
LifeArc & Chief Scientist Office (CSO) Translational Research. Does anti-RANKL therapy prevent glucocorticoid induced bone loss in a mouse model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy? £99,445.
Roslin Institute ISP Early Career Grant. A fishy new model for biomineralisation. Principal Investigator. £1,800