Loqman Radpey


His main areas of research lie in all aspects of international law, with current particular emphasis on peoplehood, self-determination, secession and statehoodSince 2012, he has studied and written about Kurdish self-determination and statehood, self-determination and the Kurds, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Rojava’s democratic confederalism, and the legal status of the Kurdish territories in international law.  The 'Social Contract' (known as the constitution) of Rojava has been another significant area of focus in his authorship.

Previously, Loqman was a lecturer in Kurdistan, where, between 2008 and 2017, he taught various courses on international law, as well as courses in English translation studies and English language and literature. 


  • LL.M (Hons) 2014
  • MA (Hons) 2008
  • BA (First Class) 2005

Undergraduate teaching

  • LLB: Public International Law, Private International Law, International Organisations, and Principles and Theories of Research
  • BA: English Translation Studies and English Language and Literature courses

Edinburgh Law School

  • International Law Ordinary (1 & 2)
  • International Law in Global Affairs

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Past PhD students supervised

Law Research Projects (undergraduate)

Research summary

  • Public International Law
  • Human Rights
  • Self-Determination

Current research interests

Public International Law and Human Rights

Past research interests

Translation Studies and English Literature

Project activity

  • RA on the Referendums, Secession and Self-determination
  • RA on the Effect of Covid-19 on the International Support for Peacebuilding and Conflict Management

Conference details

14th Annual International Conference on International Studies


Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), 13-16 June 2016, Athens, Greece