Lilli Wolland Blomberg

Thesis title: Norwegian Nurses in the Service of the Third Reich: A Criminological Study of Atrocity Perpetration and Claims to Victimhood


Lilli is a PhD candidate in the School of Law. Her interdiciplinary project is located in perpetrator studies and atrocity criminology, using historical source material. This project will take one sub-set of Norwegian nurses in The German Red Cross from the Second World War as the core focus, with the aim to better understand female participation of perpetration and claims to victimhood during times of atrocity, but also, use the organisation of the Red Cross as a frame to explain how an organisation dedicated to humanitarian activity came to serve an anti-humanitarian regime. 


BA (Hons.) in Politics and International Relations from Queen Mary University of London.

MSc in Global Crime, Justice and Security from the University of Edinburgh.

Research summary

Study of atrocity, criminology, victimology, perpetrator studies, memory, and gender.