Lilli Clark

Thesis title: Psychosomatic Experiences in Eating Disorder Development [working title]


Pivoting from pursuing a degree in pharmacology, Lilli Clark graduated with a BSc in Psychology from the University of Wyoming in December 2019. She moved from the Pacific Northwest of the United States to Scotland in the autumn of 2020 to undertake her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Edinburgh's School of Health in Social Science as a member of the Eating Disorders & Behaviors Research Group. 

Lilli's doctoral research investigates sense of self and identity throughout the course of disordered eating and recovery with an emphasis on cognitive, affective, and behavioural perspectives. At the intersection of professional idée fixe and personal experience, Lilli seeks to understand the self-experience variables that may be underserved by current treatment approaches and subsequently hinder recovery outcomes for individuals with eating disorders.

CV available upon request. 


  • AA, Psychology, Central Wyoming College   
  • BSc, Psychology,  University of Wyoming 


Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Member of CADP 
  • Member of ScotDPN
  • Member of Research Bow 

Undergraduate teaching

  • Tutor for Identity & Experience in Health and Society (Jan. 2021 - June 2021)

Research summary

Pulling from several intersecting interests along the feminist/cultural paradigm in eating disorder psychopathology, Lilli's doctoral research focuses on the qualitative experience of the sense of self as 'felt' throughout the course of disordered eating. Through examiniation of 'turning points' and their relationship to utilized coping mechanisms that lead into (development) and out of maladaptive behavior (recovery) as embodied by eating disorder symptomology, Lilli aims to improve current intervention methods by providing a holistic psychological formulation of the elusive etiological and treatment resistant eating disorder spectrum.

Current research interests

Self & Identity processes in eating disorder development; Turning points in behaviour pertaining to recovery from eating disorders; Phenomenological & feminist perspectives for the intersectional intervention and treatment of eating disorders; Pathogenesis of disordered eating & eating disorders

Past research interests

- Development of ‘normative discontent’ in women versus the ‘imaginary audience’ in adolescents (2019-2020) - Sociocultural anthropology focus on eating disorder history and the medicalisation of the female body (2019) - Social media’s influence on identity development, appearance schemas, and anxiety in adolescents at risk of eating disorder development (2018-2020) - Social media's influence on mental health (body image and empowerment via Feminist Perspective Theory) (2017-2019) - Neuropsychological conceptual inquiry into eating disorder development and experiences of hunger (2016-2018)

Knowledge exchange

  • Co-creater of Figures of Speech, an initiative to raise awareness about weight stigma in PGR research  (Spring 2021)

Project activity

  • Completing a systematic review with a Best-Fit Framework Synthesis on understanding self and psychosomatic experiences in adults with eating disorders (Spring 2021)
  • Member of a team from the EDB Research group working on investigating the impact of weight stigma in press (Autumn 2020-Present)

Current project grants

Co-Applicant - School of Health in Social Science: InspirED Student Funding (Figures of Speech)

Conference details

  • Oral presentation on systematic review at the University of Edinburgh PGR Conference, 'Changing Times, Changing Minds' (May 2021)


  • University of Edinburgh PGR Conference, 'Changing Times, Changing Minds' (May 2021)