Professor Liam Morrison

Senior Research Fellow


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), University of Glasgow The dynamics and nature of the hierarchical expression of VSGs during Trypanosoma brucei infection. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, University of Glasgow Bachelor of Science, University of Glasgow

Professional Qualifications

2000Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, MRCVS

Undergraduate teaching

MSc Animal Bioscience

One Health, Zoonoses and Emerging Infections

Module co-ordinator and member of Examiner's Board

Research summary

I am interested in the infection biology of protozoan parasites of livestock. I am particularly attracted to integrated approaches where we can learn about both host and parasite processes that are key to infection/disease progression – especially in the clinically relevant host, the cow. I work primarily on African trypanosomes, but also on Theileria parva , which together are the most significant pathogens affecting livestock in sub-Saharan Africa. I also work on Cryptosporidium parvum, a worldwide enteric pathogen of humans and livestock. My work aims to identify key host-parasite interactions that determine disease outcome, further our understanding of bovine immunobiology, and identify targets for interventions (e.g. drug & vaccine development).

Current research interests

PhD (*primary supervisor)Charlotte McCarroll (University of Glasgow) 2010-2014Alison Burrells (Moredun Research Institute) 2010-2014Olumide Ajibola (University of Glasgow) 2011-2015Heli Vaikinnen (University of Glasgow) 2011-2016Omar Alfituri (Roslin Institute) 2014-2018Hannah Shaw (Moredun Research Institute) 2015-2019*Fiona Allan (Roslin Institute) 2015-2019Kirsty McWilliam (University of Edinburgh) 2015-2019*Jessica Powell (Roslin Institute) 2016-2020*James Iremonger (Roslin Institute) 2017-2020MScKeely Young (Moredun Research Institute) 2013-2014

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