Professor Leonardo Felli

Head of School


Leonardo Felli joined the University of Edinburgh as Head of the School of Economics in 2018. Prior to this he was Head of the Department of Economics at the London School of Economics since 2015.

Leonardo’s research focuses on economic theory. In particular, a major focus of his research has been to explore the rationale behind contractual incompleteness. His work has explored political lobbying, the optimal internal structure of organizations in the presence of collusion, blackmail and whistle-blowing, as well as wage determination and workers’ mobility in the presence of firm-specific human capital.

Recent work has explored a number of topics at the boundary of law and economics: the role of legal courts in interpreting and shaping transactions, as well as the efficiency properties of the evolution of common law.

Leonardo studied economics at MIT where he received his Ph.D. in 1990. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, he was an Assistant Professor at Boston College and a Lecturer, Reader and Professor of Economics at the LSE.


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Research summary

  • Economic Theory
  • Contract Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Law and Economics
  • Labour Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economics of Migration


Full list of research

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