Dr Lana Talmane

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


After gaining my BSc in Molecular Genetics in 2014, I have joined the group of Prof Martin Taylor in MRC Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh to pursue my PhD, focusing mostly on dry-lab bioinformatics side of genomics research. My project involved investigation of variability of mutation rates across the non-coding parts of the genome, more specifically, how it is related to the interaction of DNA with proteins, such as transcription factors (TFs). I am particularly interested in interplay between mutation occurrence, TF binding, replication and repair, and how this affects heritable variants arising in male germline and in cancer. After finishing my PhD I have joined the group as a posdoc to continuing pursuing and expanding on similar research themes.


PhD Genetics, University of Edinburgh. Scotland, UK. Thesis : "Protein Binding as Selective Filter for New Mutations at Regulatory Sites in the Germline and in Cancer" -2019

BSc Molecular Genetics (1st Hons), University of Dundee, Scotland, UK - 2014

Responsibilities & affiliations

Member of Genetics Society (UK)

Research summary

My primary research interest lies in investigation of interplay between occurrence of mutations and normal genomic maintenance processes. In particularly, I am interested in how interaction of transcriptions factors (TFs) with DNA affects mutation occurrence and accumulation, and contribute to biased retention of potentially functionally important variants in both germline and in cancer.