Narae Park

Tutor, Korean Studies

  • Scottish Centre for Korean Studies

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MSc in Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh

MA in Korean Education as a Foreign Language, Yonsei University

Undergraduate teaching

Foundation Korean Language 1

Foundation Korean Language 2

Seoul, Shanghai and Edinburgh: Peoples, cultures, and spaces (Tutoring)

Postgraduate teaching

Korean Language Beginner 1

Korean Language Beginner 2


Conference details

  1. Narae Park, “Developing a Web Dictionary for Korean Language Learners”, EAKLE 2022, Olomouc, Czech Republic(2022)
  2. Narae Park, “Exploring multicultural minority groups in South Korea: Focusing on News articles analysis”, KSGSC 2023, Bratislava, Slovakia(2023).
  3. Narae Park, H. G. Kim, “Examining Media Attitudes and Discourse towards 'Multicultural Korean Youth' in the Korean National Press”, Korean Youth(Spaces, Ecologies and Technologies), Edinburgh, UK(2023).
  4. Narae Park, “Awareness and attitudes towards migrants in South Korean mass media”, Korean Language Futures, Sheffield, UK(2023).   

Edited Volume

Narae Park, 'Developing a Korean Conjugation Web Dictionary for Korean Language Learners' in New Challenges and Perspectives in Korean Language Education After the Pandemic, edited by Blanka Perklova, 272-81. Olomouc: Gong and Park, 2023.  


2023 “An Analysis of Trends in Multicultural Youth Using Media Texts” (with H.G. Kim), Korea Journal (under review) 

H. G. Kim, Shioya Moe, and R. B. Liu, Narae Park and S.K. Han  “An Analysis on North Korean Language Textbooks for Overseas Koreans in DPRK: Focusing on Our Life and Pyeogyang Munhwaŏ (North Korea standard language).”, Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, 66, 81-106(2023).