Kelly Fleetwood



Kelly Fleetwood is a statistician at the University of Edinburgh.

She has an MSc in Statistics from the University of Sheffield and over 15 years’ experience across industry and academia. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh in 2017, Kelly worked in industry in both Australia and Scotland. During this time she provided statistical input to a broad range of projects in the life sciences, from gene expression studies to evaluations of the cost-effectiveness of new drugs.

Kelly’s current work involves using data from UK Biobank to evaluate the relationships between depression and multimorbidity. Prior to this she worked on a project that used routine data to evaluate how major mental illness affects physical disease outcomes and quality of care amongst people with diabetes, stroke or myocardial infarction.  Since joining the University of Edinburgh, Kelly has contributed to postgraduate teaching on the Usher Institute’s Master of Public Health degree.


Research summary

  • Kelly’s areas of expertise include:
    • The analysis of epidemiological data, including analysis of large health datasets such as disease registries and linked hospital admission data.
    • Statistical methods for health technology assesement including meta-analysis, network meta-analysis and survival analysis

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