Kathrin Cresswell

Senior Lecturer | Chief Scientist Office Chancellor’s Fellow



Usher Institute – University of Edinburgh (primary)
Old Medical School
Teviot Place

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Usher Institute – University of Edinburgh (secondary)
9 Little France Road
Edinburgh BioQuarter

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Kathrin Cresswell is a social scientist with extensive experience of conducting formative evaluations of digitally enabled change and improvement programmes in healthcare. She has consulted for the World Health Organization and Harvard Medical School and has received the Yvonne Carter Award for Outstanding New Researcher and has been an invited speaker at the European Parliament. She has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in international academic journals and almost £30 million research grant funding. She is currently Co -Director of External Engagement on an EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre for Biomedical Artificial Intelligence, and Module Lead on the NHS Digital Academy teaching over 300 national and international health information technology leaders about Technology Strategy and Health Information Systems Implementation.


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BSc Psychology

MSc Health Psychology

PhD Medical Informatics

Responsibilities & affiliations

Member of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland

Recipient of the 2011 Yvonne Carter Award for Outstanding New Researcher

Open to PhD supervision enquiries?


Areas of interest for supervision

Kathrin is co-investigator on the NHS Digital Academy and is happy to take on PhD students in the area of health information technology innovation. 

Research summary

Kathrin's core research interests are: health information technology, evaluation, sociotechnical, qualitative methods, healthcare innovation and information systems.

Knowledge exchange

Kathrin's research findings have been shared with policy makers to assist in policy decision making. Her work has also been instrumental to the development of an ePrescribing Toolkit that is now used widely by the NHS.

Affiliated research centres

Project activity

Kathrin has been involved in a range of national evaluations of large health information technology programmes including electronic health records and ePrescribing systems.

Current project grants

Co-Investigator on Grants


2008-2011       NHS Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme: An evaluation of the adoption of the NHS Care Record in secondary care. £1.8M (PI: Aziz Sheikh, Edinburgh)


2008-2011       NHS Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme: An evaluation of the effect of IT on interactions between healthcare workers and patients. £0.45M (PI: Hilary Pinnock, Edinburgh)


2011-2016       NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research: Investigating the implementation, adoption and effectiveness of ePrescribing systems in English hospitals: a mixed methods national evaluation. £2M (PI: Aziz Sheikh, Edinburgh)


2013-2014       Chief Scientist Office: Developing a UK taxonomy and framework for facilitating health policy deliberations on maximising secondary uses of healthcare data: a mixed methods study. £118,000 (PI: Aziz Sheikh, Edinburgh)


2016-2017       Digital Health Institute. Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Project (AQuA). £44,000 (PI: Daniel Turner)


2017                Chief Scientist Office: Identifying strategies to overcome critical roadblocks towards provisioning of near-real time healthcare and administrative data to create a learning health system for asthma in Scotland. £20,000 (PI: Aziz Sheikh, Edinburgh)


2017-2022       National Institute for Health Research. NIHR Global Respiratory Health (RESPIRE) Unit. £7M (PI: Aziz Sheikh, Edinburgh)


2017-2021       NHS England. Digital Health Academy. £6M (PI: Ara Darzi, Imperial)


2018-2019       NHS England. ePrescribing Toolkit. £39,000 (PI: Aziz Sheikh, Edinburgh)


2018-2023       NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research: Development and evaluation of a complex ePrescribing-based Antimicrobial Stewardship (ePAMS+) intervention for hospitals. £2.5M (PI: Aziz Sheikh, Edinburgh)


2019-2024       Co-director of External Engagement. EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence. £8.3M (PI: Guido Sanguinetti, Edinburgh)


2021-2024    Health Education England. NHS Digital Academy. 5M (PI: Ara Darzi, Imperial).



Principal Investigator on Grants


2014-2015       Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation: Electronic medicines management systems in NHS Scotland. £10,000


2015-2018       Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government Post-doctoral Fellowship: Envisioning the next generation of integrated health and care information technology infrastructure: an interdisciplinary investigation of stakeholder perspectives, technological feasibility, and implications for policy. £172,645


2017-2021      NHS England. National Evaluation of Global Digital Exemplar hospitals. £1.5M (co-PI

with Robin Williams, Edinburgh)


2018-2019       Wellcome Trust – The University of Edinburgh. Institutional Strategic Support Fund. Accelerating technological innovation in healthcare – lessons from national and international innovation hubs. £4920


2018                Proximity to Discovery (P2D). Integrating person/patient-generated data with electronic health records. £4554


2018                Medical Research Council Proximity to Discovery (P2D). Robotics in healthcare: current issues and future trends. £6030 (co-PI with Hajar Mozaffar, Edinburgh)


2018                Medical Research Council Proximity to Discovery (P2D). Exploring the innovation landscape for health & technology series: Technology for community health. £5397 (co-PI with Steve Earl, Edinburgh)


2018                Medical Research Council Proximity to Discovery (P2D). Exploring the innovation landscape for health & technology series: Internet of Things (IOT) and Health. £5397 (co-PI with Steve Earl, Edinburgh)


2018                Medical Research Council Proximity to Discovery (P2D). Exploring the innovation landscape for health & technology series: Mobility and active healthcare. £5397 (co-PI with Steve Earl, Edinburgh)


2018-2019       Digital Health Institute. Creating and applying an evaluation framework for the National Decision Support Programme in Scotland. £47,652


2020                Innovate UK. MyDiabetesMyWay - Investigating Impact in India. £90,000


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Invited speaker

Invited International Presentations

  • Cresswell K. Formative evaluation of health technology innovations - Independent Evaluation of the Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) Programme. ROSE Graduate Program, May 2021, Osnabruck, Germany.
  • Cresswell K. Reconceptualising the digital maturity of health systems. Invited presentation at 4Words 2020 - Le parole dell'innovazione in sanità, 29th January 2020, Rome.
  • Cresswell K. Healthcare robotics – a qualitative exploration of key challenges and future directions. Invited presentation at the European Parliament, 19th February 2019, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Cresswell K. Technology Strategy and Health Information Systems Implementation. Invited presentation at Harvard Medical School, 5th February 2019, Boston Massachusetts, USA.
  • Barber N, Cresswell K, Robertson A, Sheikh A, Takian A. Insights and lessons from an independent, longitudinal, and socio-technical evaluation of the implementation and adoption of a national electronic health records system (NHS CRS) in hospitals in England. Panel Discussion in Academy Health Annual Research Meeting, 12th-14th June 2011, Seattle, USA.
  • Cresswell K, Roberston A, Sheikh A. Lessons learned from England’s national electronic health record implementation: implications for the international community. Oral presentation at ACM Special Interest Group on Health Informatics, 28th-30th January 2012, Miami, USA.


Kathrin has been involved in the organisation of a number of international conferences, among them:

  • ePrescribing: Looking to the future - From implementation and adoption to organisational transformation and patient benefit.
    • 24th February 2016, Royal College of General Practitioners, London
  • ePrescribing for NHS hospitals: Maximising the opportunities now and in the future.
    • 27th October 2014. One Great George Street, London
  • Deriving value from hospital electronic prescribing and medicines administration systems to improve safe, effective & person centred care: A Symposium for the health service.
    • 17th June 2013, The Royal Society, London
  • ePrescribing: Everything you want to know but were afraid to ask! A symposium for the health service.
    • 27th March 2012, Birmingham International Conference Centre